Black's Island is a rare and exciting opportunity to enjoy your own private paradise - perhaps the only semi-tropical island of its kind in such a desirable U.S. location.

The 7.5 acre island is set in the pristine waters of the St. Joseph Bay - a 73,000 acre bay opening into the Gulf of Mexico, much of which is a designated aquatic preserve, teeming with a greater variety of sea life than that of any other Florida region. All types of fish, sea urchins, crabs and sea horses populate the bay, while horse conch and scallops roam the undersea terrain and giant sea turtles return each summer to lay their eggs on the island's shores.

      A semi-tropical island blessed with freshwater springs, this natural paradise             abounds with black mangroves, flowering cacti and yaupon holly, and is a                 favorite resting place for migrating butterflies and snow-white pelicans.

     Black's Island is the chosen wintering spot for many ducks and geese as well            as home to giant egrets, ospreys and eagles.

     Only accessible by boat, seaplane or helicopter, this Black's Island has             been developed into a magical, secluded paradise retreat, complete with                                                        world-class accommodations and amenities.



            • Located in the heart of St. Joseph Bay with easy access to the Gulf of Mexico
            • Ten minutes from the mainland; Ferry service provided for guests

            • Two miles from Costin Airport, a 4000' grass strip; 22 miles from Apalachicola

               Regional Airport
            • On-site docka
ge for up to 32’ vessel

            • Includes 1-Acre Mainland dock and support site

            • Regulation size helicopter pad on island

            • Twenty-six 2-Bedroom, 2-Bath Bungalows with fully equipped Kitchens

            • 6500 sq. ft. Big Game Club with 3 separate lounge areas

            • Swimming pool, spa and fitness center; White, sandy beaches

            • Restaurant & Bar facilities available; Bay level cafe


            • Fleet of watercraft for guests' enjoyment

           • Nearby full-service marina, shopping and dining



The Legend Lives

Est. 1823